Toronto isn’t the only place heading to elections in October and your vote is just as important in Algonquin Highlands as it is wherever else you may have the right to cast it!

Vote early – vote often! (or something like that)

So far, only Dorset (Ward 1) and Oxtongue (Ward 3) will be having contested elections, with Gord Henderson in Dorset declining to run for re-election and Marlene Kyle of Oxtongue facing one declared opponent to date.

With 40% of the council “up for grabs” provisions for certain Council functions have been made in accordance with the Ontario Municipal Act – Story and background available now in Current Minden Times (print only)

For more election information and details please go to: Algonquin Highlands Election – 2014

In (only sarcastically) Related News:

Autumn is a time for quiet reflection, warm sweaters, brilliant fall colours (here in the Highlands more than just about anywhere on the planet) and – wait for it – Toxic Waste Day!

Mark your calendar for the only event that means more than turkey and stuffing and lying about groaning after dinner with the rellies -Household Hazardous Waste Event at Maple Lake Landfill on October 11. If you can’t make it to your favourite dump check here ( AH Hazardous Waste ) for other fun events – Take a trip to Dorset with your hazardous waste, for instance…