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 President’s Address

Submitted by: Andy Muirhead -Proud Volunteer (& training President)

As another year draws to its’ close, I’m just getting over the culture-shock of returning to “civilization”. Between the horror of having to wear shoes almost all the time and seeing traffic that far exceeds the occasional canoe or rowboat outside the front door, it’s really hard to see what people like about the real world.

Towards the end of this past summer, your Executives got together to try to work our way through some of the adjustments that we’ve seen, and which need to come – and as we all get more used to the changes in our ranks: most notably for me, the passing of the Presidential torch.

The most important things that one learns about in the first few months of taking on something like this, are ones’ own limitations; I knew that I would never have the focus and energy of our Past President, Paul MacInnes, but I really had absolutely no idea just how much we owe him and Susan – and the sorely missed Doug Palmer! Fortunately, we have others who have shown themselves more than willing and able to help pick up the slack, and to keep me on track.

OUR BASIC MISSION remains the same, of course: To work with our members, our neighbours, (who we wish were all members) and with the Authorities, from the Township to the Federal Government to assure the maintenance and improvement of our shared environment; to address the concerns of our membership as they come forward and, to the best of our abilities, to work to protect those things that we value and which are so much a part of the reasons we have all chosen to be a part of this beautiful area.