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The Maple Beech and Cameron Area Lake Property Owners Association

 Annual General Meeting Newsletter


            Canada Day Weekend, what a classic.  Not sure you could have wished for a better weekend, the weather was just perfect.  The lakes were busy with folks out skiing, tubing, fishing and just cruising along in all sorts of watercraft. 

            July 13, 2019 at 9:30 a.m.  The Maple Beech and Cameron Area Lakes Association Annual General Meeting will be held at the Stanhope Firefighters Hall.  The plan is to have you back and sitting on your docks well before noon, I have a time in mind how long the meeting should run and will let you know how we did at the end!

             Everyone will be asked to check in upon arrival, because of that we ask that you arrive a little earlier as we will start at 9:30 sharp.  Six volunteers have offered to look after that process.  They can take your membership payment at that time as well.  The will ask you to confirm the following:

            1) Is the contact information currently on file is correct and are you receiving your updates? As well do you give permission for MBC to contact you via email?

            2) Are you planning to Attend the Saturday August 24, 2019 MBC Corn roast and if so how many people?

             3) You will be provided with a voting card, one per membership.

             We will be having some great silent auction prizes at the AGM from Northland Marine, Emmerson Lumber, Haliburton Driving Range and the Wine Store in Minden.  Working on adding a few more before the 13th.

             There are a number of MBC Executive positions to be filled.  Please give some thought to helping out your Association. 

             The MBC Executive has been working diligently over the last year to sort out our membership lists and their impact on our communications with you.  We really need your help with this.  Hopefully your information provided at the check in will go a long way to being able to keep in contact.

             Help us reduce our impact on the environment, bring your favorite coffee mug or water bottle with you.

            Looking forward to seeing everyone on July 13th. The agenda is attached.


Murray Adam

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Presidents Message – Again So Soon!

             There are a couple of things that are a somewhat time sensitive so I thought it might be a good idea to put out a “mini” Spring Newsletter.  Hope you folks enjoyed the last one.

             Just wanted to welcome Thomas Contracting to our growing MBC sponsorship program.  Keith Thomas told me they are celebrating their 85th Anniversary in business in July of this year.  There will be additional details of their open house plans in your next newsletter.

Murray Adam


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Welcome to the MBC 2019 Spring Newsletter

            Winter.  There is just so much activity happening in The Highlands.  No matter what takes you outside the winter can be a delight.  Family Day 2019 will go down in memory as one specular weekend for winter fun.  Sunshine for the entire weekend that seemed to bring out MBC members enjoying everything from cross country skiing to bonfires with family and friends.

            There have been hints lately of another season, “Cottage” or as some like to call it Spring.  The first Saturday of the March Break sent folks scrambling for deck chairs and sunscreen.  Then winter returned!  Oh well we will get there.

            You may recall the Membership Survey that was sent out last fall.  Your participation exceeded our expectations.  Many hoped for a greater sense of community within the group, continued education of our natural environment, and a desire to have some fun.  To that end the MBC executive have been busy developing programs and events that hopefully will meet your expectations.  There is an event calendar attached to this newsletter for your reference.  As the various events draw nearer we will put additional information on the web site and send emails to each of you.

            The rebuilding of the MBC Sponsorship Program is underway and we are pleased to announce that Abbey Gardens, SIRCH, and the Trillium Team, Royal LePage Lakes of Haliburton Reality group have stepped up with support.  This is an ongoing effort so keep an eye on the web page for announcements to come.

            So folks get ready for it.  There is a feeling that Cottage Season really is just around the corner.

 Murray Adam

President, MBC

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