MBC Lakes Archive Newsletters

Welcome to the MBC 2018 Holiday Newsletter

Another year has rolled around, what a fantastic one it was for being at the cottage. Maple, Beech, Cameron Lakes and the surrounding acreage is a pretty special place to be.
The Executive and Committees of MBC have been very busy with future plans. Some of those plans came from the recent survey of the MBC membership. Thank you so much for showing interest and participating. The Social Committee will share some thoughts with you about that in our March 2019 Newsletter.
The MBC Thanksgiving Food Drive was an outstanding success thanks to our members and folks in the surrounding area. Sally Howson and her group of volunteers raised $2640.00 and donated over 400 pounds of food. Thank you to the kind folks at St. Peters Church for allowing us to use their facilities again. The staff of the Food Bank were most appreciative.
This Newsletter is being co authored by Beech Lake Resident Victoria Evans. Victoria has degrees in English, History and Cottaging. Victoria penned a couple of articles for the newsletter. Her “Did You Know..?” column illustrates how challenging it can be to live here. The article “How Did I Get Here” will hopefully be the start of your stories of the area. Let us know how you ended up in this part of Ontario. Love to hear from you.
The Financial and technical folks have fixed the glitches in the renewal forms for MBC Membership. Your 2019 MBC Fees are due now so join up quickly. We have something special for you to pick up at the next years AGM.
Deborah Lloyd has left the Executive of MBC. We would be remiss if we did not thank her for her input and hosting MBC meetings and events. Thank you Deborah and David.

On behalf of the Executive and Volunteers of MBC we wish you, your family and friends all the best of the Holiday Season.
Sally Howson, Charlie O’Connor, Helen Missen, Phil Carroll, Tom Fitzsimmons, Heather Carroll, Andrew Schlotter, Bill Missen, Andy Muirhead, Victoria Evans, Kim Lockhart, Chris Laccase, Carol Hussel, Deborah Lloyd, Sean, Mya, Geb, Marie, Murray Adam.

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