MBC Lakes Membership

You can download and print the Membership form below


The most efficient way for the MBC to receive payments of dues is by Interac ETransfer from your on-line banking site – if you can use this method, please do so. If you have no changes to make on your Membership contact information, simply make the transfer and place a note on the transfer message stating “Payment of 2018 dues”. (instructions – Email Money Transfer – email total amount including any voluntary contribution to treasurer@mbclakes.ca  (MBC is registered for Automatic Deposit for ETransfers; no security question is required. Attempts to transfer with a security question will not be deposited and a charge of $5 will be applied to the sender by their bank)

If you are a NEW MEMBER (Hooray!!!) you could send a note by email as above, with the information you find on the Form at the same time as you send payment!

If you can make your payment by ETransfer, but have changes / updates to your Membership contact information, please send a seperate email to treasurer@mbclakes.ca with any changes at the time that you send your payment.

If you would rather pay by cheque, please feel free! There is a membership form attached here, for you to print out. If there are no changes to your information you can simply put in a note with your cheque – if there are changes, please put them in the form and mail with your cheque as instructed on the form.

Mail your cheque, payable to “MBC Lakes Association” to:
MBC Association
C/O 1734 – 25th Line Road,
Algonquin Highlands, Ontario
K0M 1J1

Click here to download the 2019 Membership Form.

Thank You to everyone for making the MBC what it is!

Murray Adams, President