Our Lakes

CHA / Love Your Lake Summary Reports:

As of this spring, all shoreline property owners on the MBC Lakes will have received access instructions for their confidential property assessment and remedial suggestion report from last years’ Love Your Lake Shoreline Survey Program. The LYL program was organized by the Coalition of Haliburton Property Owners’ Associations (CHA), with funding from numerous sources, including The MBC; Our membership covered the costs and provided volunteers hours for completion of the surveys for the benefit of all property owners on our lakes, members or not, in the hope that the knowledge gained from this work will help us to protect the lakes for all!

In addition to the property-specific reports each owner received, (which are available only to that property owner) the MBC received a summary report for each of the lakes, so that we can all have an idea where we stand with regard to the condition of our shoreline areas which are so important to the protection of water quality, wildlife habitat and the continued health of our lakes and the people around them.

These reports can be viewed and downloaded by clicking the titles, below.


The CHA has provided a summary report on the entire MBC Lakes “system”; This report explains how the LYL data has been interpreted in their reports and gives an alternative and clearer look at the statistics presented. We strongly recommend reading this summary first, as it highlights some of the ways that each of our properties fit into the over-all picture of Shoreline Health.