Snap Shot Of The Health Of Beech and Maple Lakes

September 2018

There have been a number of requests for updated data on the health of our lakes.  Don Wetmore, long time Lake Steward for Maple Lake recently gave the MBC Executive an update.  Don subsequently contacted Mike Whittle from Beech Lake to obtain the information from him for Beech.  Don’s report follows.

The executive also asked Don to consider representing MBC at the Coalition of Equitable Water Flow Association.  We were pleased that Don agreed to take on that task.  Don will attend the meeting of the CEWF September 8, 2018 along with MBC VP, Charlie O’Connor.

Cameron Lake data will follow.

Murray Adam

An Overview of Responsibilities and Findings – Don Wetmore

The main responsibilities as Lake Stewards is to monitor the quality of water within MBC’s 3 lakes as well as investigate and try to answer water quality and environmental concerns of the membership. I have performed this function for Maple Lake; Mike

Whittle has performed the same functions for Beech Lake.  Paul Irwin for Cameron Lake.

Water quality responsibilities include documenting ice in/ice out dates, performing a ph water test in May which is part of the lake partner program of the Ministry of Environment, and performing a twice-monthly seechi disk (clarity reading) during May to October. At this time temperature readings of the lake water are also recorded. This information is sent to the MNR’s Dorset office at end of season.

For 2018 both Maple and Beech Lake, clarity has returned to normal (between 4.0- 5.0 m). Last year clarity readings were somewhat reduced due to the result of heavy rains depositing silt from road/ditch runoff as well as streams entering the lakes.

Lake water temperature to date for this year has averaged 2C higher at 24C, normal being 22C taken at Seechi depth (4.5m) at the middle of the lakes.

Water level in both lakes, which is controlled by the Trent Severn Waterways has been average this year with concern that when the water level did drop it was just before the May 24,

August 1st long weekends.

Environmental concerns which has occurred and lie ahead for Maple Lake members are the cutting of trees at two locations on the lake on township owned property (which has been

brought to the Township’s attention) as well as the repair of North Shore Road on the north side of the lake which could possibly affect the esthetics of the lake.