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The 2023/2024 Photo Contest

Starts Saturday, July 15th, 2023 closes Saturday, April 27th, 2024, 11:59pm

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With Fall around the corner, please remember to rake or blow your leaves away from the lake or creeks and not into it. It is inevitable that some leaves will naturally fall into the lake, however, an abundance of decomposing leaves will increase the nutrient levels in the lake which can lead to algae blooms and greater aquatic weed growth near your property. As an overabundance of algae and weeds die, they decay, causing bacteria to use up the oxygen in the water. This can kill fish and other aquatic life.

It is best to rake leaves away from the lake for pickup or even compost them in your yard. Please share this information with neighbors who may not know the negative effect that raking leaves into the lake can have.

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Here are the 2022 Photo Contest Winning Photos


Winner in Action:

Winner in Landscape:

Winner in Life on the Lake:

Catch of the day by Lynn Duhaime

Red Sunset on Beech Lake by Marsha Chesley

Turtle's by Dan Konefat

Runner up Photos

Faeries Gate by Brandon Mitchell

Henrys Frog Catching by Lynne Duhaime

Life on Maple Lake by Paul Newman

Relaxation Time by Ray Buczynski

Evening Sky on Beech Lake by Eden Passafiume

Winter Sunset on Maple Lake by Kim Lockhart

Sunset on Cameron Lake by Heather Jeffrey

Reflection by Sally Howson

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Little Cameron Lake (First Lake) Stats

Co-ordinates: Lat. 45° 12′ Long. 78° 65′
Little Cameron Lake is located north of Carnarvon Ontario along Barry’s Line Road in Haliburton County.
Elevation (above sea level) 329m
Maximum Depth 9.8m
Mean Depth 4.8m
Surface Area 18ha
Perimeter 2.4km

Click here to go to Beech Lake depth contours map

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