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The 2022 Photo Contest

Submissions will be accepted until

Saturday, October 29, 2022, 11:59pm. 

You could win one of four $50.00 gift cards

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With Fall around the corner, please remember to rake or blow your leaves away from the lake or creeks and not into it. It is inevitable that some leaves will naturally fall into the lake, however, an abundance of decomposing leaves will increase the nutrient levels in the lake which can lead to algae blooms and greater aquatic weed growth near your property. As an overabundance of algae and weeds die, they decay, causing bacteria to use up the oxygen in the water. This can kill fish and other aquatic life.

It is best to rake leaves away from the lake for pickup or even compost them in your yard. Please share this information with neighbors who may not know the negative effect that raking leaves into the lake can have.

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NOTICE – Enhanced Security at Landfills

The Township of Algonquin Highlands takes workplace safety very seriously and is committed to providing workspaces that are safe and harassment-free. Sadly, incidents of worker harassment have been on the rise, particularly at our Waste Disposal Sites. There have been increased incidents of illegal dumping, failure to pay applicable fees, dumping without authorization, damage to property, theft, and other by-law infractions. In an increasing number of situations, attempts by landfill workers to manage these situations are met with verbal abuse, harassment and threats. This is unacceptable.. 

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Here are the 2019 Photo Contest Winning Photos




Trillium Team


Royal LePage Lakes of Haliburton

We have some very talented photographers out there, some stunning pictures of the special place we live and play in.  The pictures can be viewed on our Instagram Page, take a minute or two to have a look.

We are fortunate to have a very qualified judge for this contest in our very own MBC Member and Mayor of Algonquin Highlands, Carol Moffat.  Carol has chosen photography as her art and she happens to be very good at it.  So here are her choices in the four categories we had submissions for.  Winners will receive a $50.00 Gift Certificate for Rhubarb in Carnarvon.

Congratulations to all the winners and a huge thank you to all who submitted some wonderful pictures.



Life on the Lake:

Life on the Lake:


Shawn skates by Rebekah Chevalier

This photo is simple and draws the viewer in because the skater is heading away. The lake is smooth, the light is interesting and the skater’s shadow on the ice gives the image an added impact.

The First Freeze of Winter by Kim Lockhart

There’s something otherworldly about this image – the low angle provides an intriguing perspective and the little dots of snow on the ice add a bit of fun. What really wraps this image up is the gentle pink reflection in the ice that you can’t really see in the sky … but it’s there! A bit of editing to straighten the horizon would make this very worthy of framing.

Ryley and Grampa by Morgan Baker

This is an iconic memory-maker and the conversion to B&W simplifies the image to capture the real purpose: relationships. If this photo had been left in full colour, it would have had less to say. 

Fly fishing at Little Cameron Lake by Sally Howson

Again, the simplicity of this image says it all – a man, a boat, a lake. In contrast to my comments about the photo above, the colour in this image IS what makes it great, and the way the light catches the fishing line is an eye-catcher. However, the it appears a bit low-resolution so that detracts a bit.

Loon family 2018 by Kathleen Bowser

Well, what can we say? Loon chicks don’t often thrive so when they do, it’s a thrill. I also know that this year’s Beech Lake chick didn’t make it so we hold last year’s in high regard! The focus on this photo is a bit soft but it’s still a good capture since loons are hard to photograph in the first place. The little grey fuzzies are hard to resist. Let’s remember our loons in the spring when boat wakes and other factors threaten the nests.

Carol, thank you so much for your efforts with our contest.  You picked some wonderful shots that

reflect the spirit of the MBC Lakes.  And to Team Trillium, thank you for your generosity.

MBC Lakes Photo Contest is sponsored by:

The MBC Lakes Corn Roast & BBQ,

Saturday August 24, 2019 was a HUGE success !!!

Thank you all who participated in our event.


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