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SATURDAY JULY 10, 2021 9:35 A.M.


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1) Opening Comments - President Murray Adam, Maple, Beech and         Camerons Lakes Area Property Owners Association

- Thanked membership for joining in our first Zoom meeting to meet legal obligations from 2020

- Introduced Executive of MBC

- Charlie O’Connor, Vice President

- Andy Muirhead - Past President

- Aaron Wolkoff - Treasurer 

- Larry Jeffreys - Director - Environmental Committee 

- Bill Missen - Director - Communications

- Murray Adam - President

- Welcomed the members who joined in today thanked them for their on going support in these difficult times

- Announced regularly scheduled AGM for Saturday July 10, 2021 via Zoom at 9:35 a.m.

2) Agenda

2019 AGM Minutes of the Meeting - Murray Adam

- Motion to accept the Minutes of the 2019 Meeting by Andy Muirhead seconded by Bill Missen - All in Favour - Carried

Financial Report - Aaron Wolkoff

- MBC’s finances and investments are in sound shape.  The current ROI on investments is not the best but we looked for the best investment that gave us access to funds should they be required.  Our day to day operating fund is in excess of $10K

Additional note on Financial Matters - Andy Muirhead

The executive as Andy explained is limited in single item spending to $1000.00.  MBC is required to have insurance as part of our charter.  Insurance costs are the one item that exceeds the spending limits.  Andy explain that this issue was put to the membership years ago for approval

which was granted.  

- Motion to accept the Financial Report by Don Wetmore seconded by Charlie O’Connor - All in Favour - Carried


Coalition for Equitable Water Flow - CEWF Representative Don Wetmore

- Don provided an update on our meetings with our Member of Parliament, Mr. Jamie Schmale, and direct conversations with the Trent Severn Waterway concerning the water level.  He expressed concern about the upcoming season.
- Based on reports by the TSW and CEWF we will just have to wait and see what happens in the navigation season in our chain of lakes.

Chinese Mystery Snail - Volunteer Program


- Murray Adam spoke of the arrangements that have been made with the Ontario Federation of Hunters and Angler and the Ministry of Natural Resources to join in a program to remove and document the CMS in our waterways. 
- These snails while considered invasive are protected by the Federal Government Ocean and Fisheries.  Thus any interaction with them requires licensing.  The snails are considered fish and it is illegal to kill them without the training. 
- Volunteers will be asked to join in the program for training and licensing.  MBC has asked for volunteers from Pine, Cranberry and Green to join in as well.  
- Training is slated for May/June timeframe

MBC Happenings

- Bill Missen spoke of the issues surrounding the impact of Short Term Rentals in our area.  
- Environmental Concerns raised with overuse of septic systems with STR.
- Docks and other structures to lakes and rivers installed by cottagers and the issue of Algonquin Highlands Insurance Liability on those properties

Web Service Provider

- MBC for years had been using a fellow from New York to handle MBC’s web site.  We always received great service from him however he want to change direction for his business.
- Our IT Volunteers Kim Lockhart and Chris Lacasse made arrangements with Haliburton based web service provider TECHNICALITIES PLUS to work with them and the existing provide for a seamless transition.
- The change over incurred a one time cost of $509.00 plus taxes.  There will be a yearly hosting fee of $175.00

Acceptance of MBC Executive for 2020/2021

- All members of the Executive stood for re election.
- Acceptance of the Executive with carry forward until the July 10, 2021 MBC AGM
- Elections will be held at the AGM with 30 days notice of doing so
- A motion was put forward by Laurie Morris to accept the current Executive with Bruno Campagnolo seconding it.  Membership voted in agreement.

Membership and Volunteers

- The Executive wanted to express their appreciation of the membership of MBC for their continued support in these difficult time.  Also express our thanks for our volunteers who help the Association in so many ways.

Written Questions from the Floor

- No questions were submitted to the Executive

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Andy Muirhead and seconded by Bruno Campagnolo

The Executive of MBC looks forward to the 2021 AGM on Saturday July 10, 2021 at 9:35 a.m.

YOU CAN DO SO ELECTRONICALLY AT treasurer@mbclakes.ca 
COMMENTS AND QUESTIONS AT presidentmbclakes@gmail.com

Take care all, enjoy this beautiful weather.
The Executive of MBC


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