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MBC Newsletter July 24, 2021 Q & A From The AGM

Hello All.  We had a great 2021/22 Annual General Meeting so thanks to those who attended and participated.  There were a number of questions that came up at the meeting from various topics.  Some of your questions we sent off to our Councillor and Haliburton County Warden, Liz Danielsen, for her thoughts from a political perspective.  Some other questions have us waiting for people to return from vacation to hopefully get some additional responses for you.  
Just wanted to say how much we appreciated Terry Rees from The Federation of Ontario Cottagers Association who join us to talk a bit about that organization.  We let Terry go on first because we knew he was busy and was on vacation however Terry stayed with the meeting right till the end.  Thank you.
There are some comments from me to Liz that perhaps go beyond just a question, I thought they were important to the context of the answers.


1) Dimensions Health Centres - Maple Lake

    Concerns were expressed over this project, largely because the developer seems to be putting out very mixed signals.  We are aware that the developer or representative(s) met with Algonquin Highlands Township to discuss the “stop work order” that was placed on the property.  That restriction was lifted and work resumed on the site.  That action will allow them to complete the site with their vision in mind.  Done deal.  However, and remember this is Dimensions Health Centres press release, they specifically stated what the facility was going to be.  We of course are not privy to what was discussed at the Townships meeting(s) with Dimension so we can only speculate on some of this.  Once the work is complete what is to stop them from simply proceeding, much like Haliburton Septic Pumping did, by ignoring the Townships ZBA request?

    Having done some research into these types of facilities it would appear that they would require some form of Medical Licence to conduct business, from either the Federal Government or the Provincial Government.  Which one is anybodies guess.  You would think that if someone was willing to invest significant monies they would have medical permits in hand.  I suspect they do.  

    It is also important to point out that no one seemed to object to facility that was there to help people through troubled times.  Rather, the residents are looking for clarity.  

    Residents in the area confirmed that they cannot see a building permit posted at the site.

    Another aspect of this is oft forgotten “Road Associations”.  They, in my mind are an integral part of the infrastructure of our neighbourhoods.  I have had some discussions with the folks on Canopy Lane about the road, it appears that it crosses private property to access the Dimensions property (as was the case in the past).  However when the Township gives approval for significant work to be done at a site there is no thought given to the impact on the road itself and the surrounding neighbourhood.  The Township worries about insurance and so do we.  These folks probably have no idea about who to contact concerning the road and yet workers, materials and heavy equipment go across it every day.  It should not be an after thought in my mind.  And yet it is.

    Your input would be appreciated.



Resort on Canopy Lane -Staff and Mayor Moffatt have held numerous discussions with the owners of the proposed resort. They have confirmed that they have no intention of opening a medical facility at present and that it is their intention to simply run the resort as it has been in the past....possibly a little more upscale. There is a license required to offer any medical treatment at all should that be considered in the future, which the new owner doesn't have. Should they try to change the purpose of the resort at a later date they will have to provide their license and go through the zoning change process, which may or may not be successful depending on the reaction to what they are proposing. For now, we have no grounds to deny construction and improvements continuing, but rest assured that we will be keeping a close eye on any further developments or changes. As to Canopy Lane itself , it is my understanding from discussions with staff that it is a private road maintained by a road association or through some agreement among the owners. Should the road cross private property, there should be an easement agreement in place and we aren't aware of any such agreement. However, I believe that would be up to the road association or property owners to investigate. One would assume that the resort would be member of the association as a primary user and contribute to any damage they cause, but again that is an issue for the association to deal with, not the municipality. As to the posting of a permit, I can confirm that the permit is posted in a rather inconspicuous location at the moment. However, a larger sign with permits attached will be posted at the gate within the next week.

2) Maple Lake Landfill

Liz have you been over there lately?  All I can say is something is seriously lacking in the traffic flow plan.

With the exception of scrap metal and building materials all vehicles are directed to the area that was exclusively for recycling and across from that scrap tires.  Now we are directed into a geographically small area to recycle and dump our household waste.  It is without a doubt an accident waiting to happen either to person or property.  The bins that we now have to dump our waste into are another cause of concern.  Wonder how long it will be before someone falls into it or has a heart attack trying to lift the cans/bags high enough to dump them in a hole in the metal container.

We have another serious concern with the Maple Lake Landfill that we will discuss with Council once we have met will all concerned parties.  

    Maple Lake Landfill - There have been a number of concerns raised about the changes at the Maple Lake Landfill.  I have spoken with our Operations Manager who advises that the present setup is temporary. The road going in is scheduled for some minor ongoing repairs. Discussions are underway about the timing of the road being completely reconstructed in some of the low lying areas that have become very rough.  We are committed to creating a better traffic flow through the landfill and to try to alleviate seniors from having to carry their household waste too far, or having difficulty lifting their bags into the bins. That particular area will evolve as we go forward with the redevelopment including more bins and easier access. A major realignment of the landfill was presented to Council last year and has been approved with a long term goal of ensuring ease of use and longevity of the landfill. This landfill has a long life ahead of it and we want to get it right.

3) Internet Connection

Not much to say on this that has not already been said.  As one member put it we have been hearing all the talk about moving ahead and money for this and that but the reality is our internet  capabilities are poor at best.  No better evidence of that when our AGM guest speaker could not give his full presentation because of connectivity.  A number of members kept getting cut off from the Zoom feed.

Not sure why we have to suffer from low quality service when after the pandemic I think everyone agrees the internet is a right and a life line that all should have access to. Governments of all levels and stripes have been saying the money is there and everyone will have “wonderful” internet.  The reality for so many is the exact opposite.

    Internet Connection - The Eastern Ontario Regional Network (with the support and guidance of the the Eastern Ontario Warden's Caucus) has been working hard for several years to convince the province and the federal government to invest in a Gig project for Eastern Ontario that would have covered us in a nice blanket of quality service. Unfortunately, while we applaud the province investing a huge amount in internet service to be provided across the province, it is not looking like they will make EORNs project part of their plan. Nor can we be assured that rural Ontario will remain their top priority. Smaller projects are gradually filling in some of the blanks but it is slow going indeed. We keep hearing promising news that better service is coming, but sadly given the timing of permitting and construction contracts some work may not be completed until as late as 2025. I fully agree that we need solutions now and all of our local municipalities have been advocating and writing to our MPs and MPPs encouraging action. Should EORN not be successful in getting funding from the province they will continue to advocate for Eastern Ontario to ensure we get our fair share of service with the full support of our local municipalities.

4) Short Term Rentals

Bill Missen advised the members that the decision proceed on this issue has been moved from the Townships to the County level.  We understand the up side of these rentals bringing in more business and people to the area.  The concern is for those who don’t have a lot of respect for neighbours.  From an environmental point of view most of these renters have no idea how a septic system works and the dangers of abusing it.  I think the pandemic has forever changed many things and these rentals may just be one small part of that.  Hopefully the County will take careful consideration of all the aspects of rental properties when looking at rules and regulations.

    Short Term Rentals - Unfortunately, throughout the County we are all hearing more and more concerns about short term rentals and how they are managed. While they do contribute to our economy and are all part of the visitor's 'cottage experience' some have become quite problematic. Each of the four municipalities have been struggling with the best approach to take given a huge divide in opinions, and finally have all formally asked the county to develop a policy/process that offers solutions county wide to reduce confusion. The county will be issuing an rfp for a consultant to take this on shortly and hopefully we can develop a system to better manage STR's and put them on a more level playing field.

5) Shoreline By Law

There has been significant discussion of this at MBC Executive Meetings, until the AGM we have said very little to the membership.  Based on comments and concerns we have asked for standing to present our position.  Believe the date is the 28th of July.  We are waiting to here back from your planner concerning the one on one presentations.  (Please see the link below)

    Shoreline Preservation Draft By-law - I can confirm that the first zoom open house will be on July 29th from 6 to 8......and process for registration is on the county's website. Meanwhile, surveys are also being developed and if MBC as a collective would like  private zoom or phone interview that can be arranged with our consultants.

6) Chinese Mystery Snails

Apparently the Ontario Federation of Hunters and Anglers will provided signage directed at boaters to help reduce the impact of the two types of invasive snails found in our lakes.  These signs are typically posted at boat launching ramps.  We can talk to OFHA about the signs however the area where they would be posted is typically on Township property.  We would like the Townships help getting the word out by allowing these signs to be posted.
The snails seem to most prevalent on Beech Lake at the moment, the gathers on Maple Lake have only found a few.  An email has been sent to the Ontario Federation of Hunters and Anglers requesting more signage information.

       Mystery Snails - as far as the informational signage at our boat launches......I'm following up with staff to determine exactly what the best path for you to take is. I'll follow this up with another e-mail as soon as I have a bit more detailed information. 



  I want to thank Beech Lake’s Mike Whittle, Don Wetmore from Maple Lake and Andy Muirhead from Cameron Lake for their testing of our lakes for e coli.  Andy tested the samples and provided the following results.  The following are Andy’s notes and message on the testing.

Hello ALL

I want to thank Don Wetmore and Mike Whittle for coordinating with me on getting the first samples for E. coli testing last Friday.

The samples were picked up and delivered to my secret laboratory for analysis.

Two samples were collected at each of Beech and Maple Lakes (near the inflow and outflow) and a single sample at Little Cameron. A duplicate of one of the Beech Lake samples was analysed as a check.


    Shoreline By-Law Zoom Presentations will be held by The County of Haliburton on July 28, 2021 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.  Bill Missen MBC'S Communications Director will be making a presentation on behalf of the members of MBC.

For additional information here is the link to the County site. https://www.haliburtoncounty.ca/en/news/shoreline-preservation-bylaw-virtual-open-house.aspx


A Maple Lake boater has lost part of the cover from his boat.  If anyone finds it floating to shore it would be appreciated if you could contact me at presidentmbclakes@gmail.com

We found this inflated boat on Beech Lake floating away. If it's yours contact me at presidentmbclakes@gmail.com

Enjoy the upcoming Long Weekend.  The weather is supposed to be stellar.  
On behalf of the MBC Executive and volunteers thank you so much for your support.

Murray Adam

President MBC 


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Take care all,
The Executive of MBC


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