The Maple Beech and Cameron Area Lake Property Owners Association


We regret to inform you that Murray Adam, President of MBC and Charlie O'Conner, Vice President of MBC have resigned from their respective positions of MBC for personal reasons. On behalf of the Executive and the MBC membership, we want to thank both Murray and Charlie for their significant contributions to the organization and wish them good luck and good health in the future.

MBC has a strong, though smaller than we would like, core membership group and a very strong financial position. MBC has been instrumental in monitoring and promoting healthy lake environment, successful defense concerning the airport expansion, support of many local issues such as septage fields near Green Lake and Maple Lake, low water levels through Trent/Severn Waterways and CEWF, new "luxury resort" on Maple Lake, invasive species such as Chinese Mystery Snail/Banded Snail collection and Shoreline Protection Bylaw under review. We have also been successful in having fun through our BBQ and annual Thanksgiving food drive for Minden Food Bank.

There will always be issues in and around our lakes that require the collective voice of a strong Lake association. We are now at a critical point in the future of MBC. The four remaining Directors are committed to continuing MBC but we can't do it without additional Executive members. We need another four or more members to step forward to serve on the Executive with at least 1 member from Beech Lake as we currently have none.

We repeat it is critical for us to function as a viable organization and we need your help now. There is not a big time commitment particularly now until the spring. Typically there are 4 to 6 meetings per year up to 2 hours in length and more if specific events are planned like the BBQ. We have excellent support from volunteers but we now need Executive commitment for us to continue.

Please con
tact Bill Missen at bmissen@cogeco.ca or 905-308-4663.


Thank you for your help in support of MBC.

MBC Executive, 

Aaron Wolfoff

Andy Muirhead

Bill Missen

Larry Jefferies

PS. All you Snail hunters, please keep submitting your updates to Murray Adam as he has agreed to fulfilling the MBC licensee role for 2021.



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