Presidents Message – Again So Soon!

             There are a couple of things that are a somewhat time sensitive so I thought it might be a good idea to put out a “mini” Spring Newsletter.  Hope you folks enjoyed the last one.

             Just wanted to welcome Thomas Contracting to our growing MBC sponsorship program.  Keith Thomas told me they are celebrating their 85th Anniversary in business in July of this year.  There will be additional details of their open house plans in your next newsletter.


Murray Adam




Maple Lake Pirates Missing their “Pearl”

             Last October we had a couple of days of really high winds in the area; a few boats broke away from their mooring.  One MBC member has asked for the memberships help in locating their ship, the little Pirates would be grateful for its safe return.

             The owners are on Maple Lake in the bay where the river empties into the lake.  That said it could have floated anywhere.  The ship is actually a paddleboat, a Dolphin Sun Slider, blue hull with a white deck complete with a blue canopy.  The boat was virtually brand new.  So if anyone has rescued the “Pearl” or knows of its whereabouts please contact me at or


            The owner and pirates would really appreciate your help.



MBC 2019 Membership Dues

            We would appreciate the memberships help getting up to date with 2019 Association Dues.  They remain the same at $30.00.

            You can support MBC electronically or by mail.  The links are attached.  Your executive thanks you for your commitment to MBC.


    To JOIN or RENEW Your 2019 Membership

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You can download and print the 2019 Membership form by clicking here


Abbey Gardens Shoreline Preservation Kits


Order Deadline April 14, 2019


            Our sponsor Abbey Gardens has put together several different “kits” of plants and trees intended to help with shoreline preservation.  They are also hosting a workshop on April 13, 2019.  Abbey Gardens sent the following information to us.  There is additional information on the kits in the attached PDF.  Great idea.

             It's never too early in the season to plan for the health of your waterfront property! Abbey Gardens is once again offering native plant kits suitable for most types of shorelines found in Haliburton County. The kits are comprised of 35-50 plants that cover a 10' X 10' area of shoreline. Kits can be ordered online here or at the Food Hub. Plant orders must be received by April 14th and pick-up will be at the Food Hub on Victoria day weekend. View our shoreline brochure for more details. Not sure what to order or how to design your space? Register for our shoreline naturalization workshop happening on Saturday April 13th from 1pm-3pm to learn all about it! Cost is $15 per person. Register here


Insurance For Private Road Maintenance Associations


            There have been many questions concerning liability insurance for the people who live on and maintain private roads.  Through the Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Assocation and MBC’s insurance provider Cade Associates we are pleased to provide you with the following information on the attached Page 1 and Page 2.


            If you have regular road association meeting would you consider inviting one of the MBC executive to attend?  We wonder if there perhaps common difficulties that could be addressed.  We would appreciate the opportunity to understand how your group works and issues you might have.



The Health of Our Lakes – Analysis by FOCA


            The Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Association recently released data concerning the health of their memberships lakes.  These statistics complied by lake stewards throughout Ontario provides an analysis of your lakes as well as neighbouring bodies of water.  We think it is worth having a look.


            Our appreciation to our Lake Stewards, Don Wetmore from Maple Lake and Mike Whittle from Beech Lake who shares his data with us.  We are searching for someone to sample Cameron Lake for us.  If you are interested send me a note at or


Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Association

Lake Partner Program – Sampling Results & Assistance


UPDATE: March 2019 – the Lake Partner Program’s province-wide sampling results from 2018 are now available! Download data results below:

1.  Total Phosphorous results (PDF, 32 MB)

2.  Average Secchi depth results (PDF, 14 MB)

3.  Calcium results (PDF, 9 MB)

Contact the Lake Partner Program Coordinator if you cannot access your lake’s results.

 Find out if your lake is being sampled and if so, review past results on the interactive online map (pictured above) which is maintained by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change. NOTE: the most recent data results (2018) have NOT YET been incorporated into the online map. For those details, see links above (March 2019).

No results listed for your inland Ontario lake? We might need a volunteer in your area! Could it be you? Find out more about the program here: Lake Partner Program – OVERVIEW

 September 2017Secchi Trends Across the Province (PDF, 2 pages) – Read the new fact sheet from the Lake Partner Program and FOCA, about water clarity and the role of the Secchi Disk!

 Key findings: while Secchi depths of the majority (65%) of lakes studied between the years 2000 and 2014 did not change significantly, over the last 10 years there has been a19% decline in the number of Secchi depth readings collected per year. This is concerning. Read the fact sheet to find out what you can do to help!

Lake Stewards: Need a sampling refresher course? Use the following tools, and watch the short video, below.

Sampling Tools

•    Guide to Interpreting Total Phosphorus and Secchi Data (pdf; 4 pages)

•    Sampling Instructions from MOE (pdf; 2 pages)

Fact Sheets

•    Blue Green Algae and your drinking water system

•    Blue Green Algae

•    LPP Data Life Cycle

Lake Partner Program Sampling Video



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