Update by Algonquin Highlands Mayor Carol Moffatt

Environment Canada has issued a Special Weather Statement for a significant rainfall in the next 48 hours, and water levels in Minden are anticipated to reach those experienced in 2013 over the next several days.

Bracebridge, Huntsville and Minden have all declared States of Emergency. If you're in Minden Hills, please see their website for their specific situation and advice.

For Algonquin Highlands, both the Gull River and Muskoka Watersheds continue to be under a Flood Warning as inflows continue due to melting snow, melting lake ice and groundwater.

It's anticipated there will be a prolonged period of high water throughout the system even after the rain event, including in Algonquin Highlands, as TSW manages the water throughout the Gull River system in the south, and as MNRF manages water throughout the Muskoka system in the northwest.

Residents with flood-prone properties are strongly encouraged to prepare their properties and to ensure their personal safety.

Algonquin Highlands staff are continuing patrols and we will continue to report our situation.

Fire Chief Mike Cavanagh will provide information tomorrow (Friday) as regards any necessary planning such as sandbags.

- have a plan
- share this message
- check in with and help your vulnerable or senior neighbours
- respect any closures or delays
- be cautious, patient and helpful - we're all in this together

Here's hoping the forecast changes …


The Township of Algonquin Highlands has posted a new Notice regarding the above noted subject. To view the notice in its entirety, CLICK HERE.


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