Hydro One planning power outage in Haliburton County between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. on Sunday,

November 24th.

More than 11,000 customers will be affected by outage required for needed upgrades to aging infrastructure]

By kawarthaNOW -

Hydro One crews installing smart switches on lines in the Bancroft and Barry's Bay area in September 2018. The smart switches help to reduce the frequency and duration of power outages while limiting the number of customers impacted. Hydro One will be installing four smart switches in Haliburton County and replacing 24 wooden poles during a planned power outsage on November 24, 2019. 

Hydro One is advising residents in the County of Haliburton to prepare for a planned power outage between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. on Sunday, November 24th.

Hydro One advises that, while some customers in the Minden area will be affected by the planned outage, the Town of Minden/Minden proper will not be affected.

The outage is required to allow crews to safely complete much-needed upgrades to modernize the grid and replace aging infrastructure, according to a media release from Hydro One.

Approximately 5,815 residential and 5,509 seasonal customers will be affected in Monmouth, Glamorgan, Dudley, Dysart et al, Snowdon, Stanhope, Minden, Guilford, Harburn, and Havelock.

The work will involve around 100 Hydro One power line workers installing four smart-switches and replacing 24 end-of-life wood poles throughout the county. Crews will also complete maintenance work at multiple distribution stations in the area.

Hydro One says the new smart switches will help to reduce the frequency and duration of power outages while limiting the number of customers affected. The switches detect a fault on the line immediately, such as a fallen tree, and allow Hydro One to dispatch a crew to the exact location.

Crews will use both on-road and specialized off-road equipment, which includes a helicopter, to conduct the upgrades.

“We know that any outage causes a disruption for our customers, particularly outages of this length,” the media release states. “Hydro One works to reduce the impact on customers by bundling required work, so multiple outages are not required, while using all available crews. We appreciate everyone’s patience as our crews work as safely and as quickly to complete this important work.”

Hydro One customers requiring additional information can call 1-888-664-9376.

This map represents the affected areas (within the red boundary line) that will be affected by the 


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