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Presidents Message

2019, another great summer in The Highlands.  Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

   The Executive came up with a “To Do” list of things we wanted to accomplish in 2019.  Bill Missen our Communications Director put together the attached list of what we worked on throughout the year.  The survey (another one will be coming out early in 2020) that the membership participated in gave us some excellent suggestions and directions.  We had a lot of fun this year; the BBQ was a great day giving everyone a chance to get together for a wonder afternoon.

   Much of what was accomplished was due in part to the generosity of our Sponsors.  Please support these folks when you can.

    On behalf of the Executive I want to wish everyone the Best of The Season.  It is a magical time of the year.


Murray Adam


Bill Missen’s Notes On MBC Accomplishments For 2019

-Inaugural Speaker Series Meeting – May 25th topics Water Safety/Fire Safety

-Annual General Meeting – July 13th Coalition for Equitable Water Flow (CEWF) &   Abbey Gardens Retreat speakers

-Corn Roast & BBQ – Aug 24th fun event with over 100 in attendance

-5th Annual Thanksgiving Day Food Drive – raised $2240 & 2 truckloads of food for   the Minden Food Bank

-Photo Contest

-Facebook and Instagram pages (please sign-up and contribute info/pics)

-Website updated – check it out including 3 newsletters

-Environmental – continued water quality monitoring & MOE has ended the license for   25th Line septage field

-Membership and Sponsorship increased

-Extensive work done to bring our email and membership lists up to date.

Thanks for everyone’s support and stay tuned for 2020…Happy Holidays!


The Executive Team


MBC– Our Community

   Five years ago the members of MBC made a decision to become involved in supporting the community that we live and play in.  To that end Sally Howson put together the very successful MBC Thanksgiving Food Drive.

   This year MBC members donated enough packaged and fresh food to fill two pickup trucks along with $1240.00 in cash donations.  MBC donated $1000.00 bringing our total to $2240.00 for 2019.  The folks at the Food Bank were ecstatic.  That amount equals the retail equivalent of $3500.00.  It will go a long way to helping those in need.

  In addition MBC sponsored the Stanhope Firefighter Association with their Children’s Christmas Toy Drive for 2019.

   The need in the area is great and we are so proud that as an Assocation we can help our community.  I want to thank the volunteers who worked on the 2019 food drive.  As well the good folks at St. Peters Church for allowing us the use their facilities and the congregation of St. Peters for their generous donations.

    We were so impressed with the dedication of the folks at the Minden Food Bank that our Vice President, Charlie O’Connor arranged a meeting with the staff of the food bank and Chad Ingram of the Minden Times to talk about the support available for the folks who live here.  Chad published the story and then did a follow up article the week after.   

   So on behalf of the entire Executive thank you to the membership who donated to the Minden Food Bank.  We have a few ideas of how to make the drive even more successful in 2020.

   Thanks to Jenn Watt, Editor, Chad Ingram of the Minden Times you can read the story by clicking here.


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Maple Beech Cameron Lakes Area Property Owners Association

2020 Annual General Meeting

   Mark you calendars for Saturday July 11, 2020, 9:30 A.M. at the Stanhope Firefighters Hall for our annual get together.

   We received a number of concerning emails in 2019 concerning the safe and unsafe operation of all description of watercraft.  To that end we are trying to book a guest speaker to address these issues so you are aware of your responsibility and rights.


The Maple Beech and Cameron Lakes Area Association Welcomes…

Beech Lake resident Victoria Evans to the Executive of MBC.  Victoria has worked on many of the MBC newsletters and she has now volunteered to take over the responsibilities of Secretary of MBC.

   Victoria has a degree in English and an extensive Management background.  This is a critical position on the executive; Victoria’s decision to join us is greatly appreciated. 






Trillium Team


Royal LePage Lakes of Haliburton


   We have some very talented photographers out there, some stunning pictures of the special place we live and play in.  The pictures can be viewed on our website at mbclakes.ca, take a minute or two to have a look.

   We are fortunate to have a very qualified judge for this contest in our very own MBC Member and Mayor of Algonquin Highlands, Carol Moffat.  Carol has chosen photography as her art and she happens to be very good at it.  So here are her choices in the four categories we had submissions for.  Winners will receive a $50.00 Gift Certificate for Rhubarb in Carnarvon.

   Congratulations to all the winners and a huge thank you to all who submitted some wonderful pictures.

 Carol’s Thoughts On The Winning Entries


Shawn skates by Rebekah Chevalier 

   This photo is simple and draws the viewer in because the skater is heading away. The lake is smooth, the light is interesting and the skater's shadow on the ice gives the image an added impact.



The First Freeze of Winter by Kim Lockhart

   There's something otherworldly about this image - the low angle provides an intriguing perspective and the little dots of snow on the ice add a bit of fun. What really wraps this image up is the gentle pink reflection in the ice that you can't really see in the sky ... but it's there! A bit of editing to straighten the horizon would make this very worthy of framing. 


Life on the Lake:

Well, they're all winners because they each represent a little piece of our collective heaven! But if I had to choose, there are two fishing pictures that are a tie (ha ha, get it?).

Ryley and Grampa by Morgan Bake

   This is an iconic memory-maker and the conversion to B&W simplifies the image to capture the real purpose: relationships. If this photo had been left in full colour, it would have had less to say. 



Fly fishing at Little Cameron Lake by Sally Howson

   Again, the simplicity of this image says it all - a man, a boat, a lake. In contrast to my comments about the photo above, the colour in this image IS what makes it great, and the way the light catches the fishing line is an eye-catcher. However, the it appears a bit low-resolution so that detracts a bit. 




Loon family 2018 by Kathleen Bowser

   Well, what can we say? Loon chicks don't often thrive so when they do, it's a thrill. I also know that this year's Beech Lake chick didn't make it so we hold last year's in high regard! The focus on this photo is a bit soft but it's still a good capture since loons are hard to photograph in the first place. The little grey fuzzies are hard to resist. Let's remember our loons in the spring when boat wakes and other factors threaten the nests. 

Carol, thank you so much for your efforts with our contest.  You picked some wonderful shots that reflect the spirit of the MBC Lakes.  And to Team Trillium, thank you for your generosity.


MBC Environmental News

Septage Field 25th Line

   We have confirmed with Ontario MOE Director, David Bradley that the septage site operated by Haliburton Septic Pumping and located on property just off the 25th Line in Algonquin Highlands is closed as of November 30, 2019.  The MOE received no application to continue the use of this property.

As stated by the MOE

“Consistent with the agreement that was reached there has been no applications or request for extensions to use this site beyond November 30, 2019 for the land application of hauled sewage.  In the absence of a valid Environmental Compliance Approval, any land application of sewage after this date would be a violation of the Environmental Protection Act.”

   The MOE will continue to monitor this site to ensure environmental compliance.

   The concern of course is there is still no long-term plan to handle the issue of untreated human waste.  Dysart et al has contracted with ASI Group to look at ways of disposal that potentially could reopen up the old Cooper Site on Green Lake.  That site of course was ultimately closed because of contamination of neighbouring drinking water supplies and high levels of e coli into the river that feeds Maple Lake.  Our Green Lake friends and MBC supporters were put through hell with the mess created there.

   Of interest is that ASI presented an extensive report to Dysart Council without ever talking to the MOE.  I wonder what value we get for our investment in these consulting companies.

   MBC will renew e coli testing in the spring of 2020.

   A note of appreciation to the Environmental Group “The Ontario Water Keeper”.  They were concerned enough with the septage site that they loaned to the group “Our Grand Children Matter Too” an articling student to explore OMB rulings as well as starting a letter writing campaign on our behalf.  They were the only group who felt it necessary to speak out about this.  So thank you so much for you help.



MBC Area

- Proposed Road Construction for 2020


Project Management Group, WSP, has advised that there will be significant road construction on our area starting early in 2020.  The scope of the project is as follows:

Bridge Rehabilitation

Highway 35 Mountain Lake Bridge

Highway 35 Beech River Bridge

Highway 35 Kennisis River Bridge

Highway 35 Ox Narrows Bridge


Pavement rehabilitation Highway 35 from 1.6 km south of Highway 118 to 8.1 km north of Highway 118

Pavement rehabilitation Highway 118 west from Highway 35 for .3 km and Highway 118 east from Highway 35 for .6 km


Locations not specified however the replace or repair of 12 culverts is scheduled.


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